Growth Mindset Workshops

This workshop for children explores the concept of Growth Mindset. It examines the difference between the two mindsets, how we learn and how we can change our mindset to reach our potential. Children are given strategies to help them face challenges in their learning, cope with
failure and understand the power of yet.

The feedback that we have received from parents, carers and professionals show that following attendance at a workshop, children are demonstrating the following:

  • Increased motivation in areas which they historically have found difficult
  • Willingness to take on new challenges and try new things even if there is a risk they may fail
  • Greater determination and resilience
  • A greater sense of identity and self-belief
  • A new commitment that if they try hard and put the effort in, anything is possible.

The Growth Mindset Workshop will help your child understand why they might find things difficult and how to overcome feelings of low confidence and anxiety.

This workshop is currently available as an ‘in-person’ event.

Please see below for Growth Mindset Workshops in your area.

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