11+ Mock Exams

In an increasingly competitive world and constantly changing education system, the grammar school system offers a quality education that will give your child the platform and aspirations to succeed beyond expectations.

To gain a place at any one of the local grammar schools, your child will have to sit an entrance exam. This can be a daunting and overwhelming prospect but with the right preparation and practice, a place at one of the local grammar schools is well within reach.

At Go Fish Education Ltd, we offer small group sessions which focus on the complexities of each paper to give your child the skills they need to perform the best they can in their entrance exams.

We will study and examine the layout of the papers, the timing required to complete the papers and adopt a rigorous cycle of practice to perfection so that they achieve the highest level they can on exam day. They will also have the opportunity to attend Holiday Booster Sessions and Mock Exams which will replicate, as much as possible, what to expect on the day.

The aim of our grammar school sessions is to ensure that there are no surprises for your child on the day and they are able to sit the exam with calm and assertive confidence. With a positive and encouraging learning environment, you can be sure that your child will be motivated to do the very best they can.

We are currently offering 11+ Mock Exams remotely using Zoom and hope to return to face-to-face once social distancing restrictions are removed.

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