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Coaching and Mentoring is a system of support and guidance for children which ultimately aims to give them the skills and strategies they need to make positive changes in their lives. Children and Young People from the age of 8 upwards, are coached to identify the skills and attitudes that they need to develop to be successful at school, in their relationships and in their hobbies and sports.

Through 1:1 mentoring, children are able to see that they are responsible for their actions and work towards developing strategies and building confidence to make positive changes in the way they behave and the decisions they make.

As both parents and educators we understand the difficulties that exist between parent and child when trying to unravel why a they might be struggling or lack motivation or are constantly testing the boundaries. The relationship between parent and child is one of love, trust and nurturing which sometimes can be a barrier for a child to honestly explore their feelings, emotions and ambitions. This is the beauty of Coaching and Mentoring; the relationship is an objective and rational one without any underlying dynamics or expectations. Within this context, the child feels free to talk honestly and openly and is more able to consider and accept guidance and advice.

Is Coaching and Mentoring Right for my Child?

Coaching and Mentoring is not a therapeutic intervention but a guidance and support service which focusses on the development of emotional intelligence. If your child finds any of the following difficult either at home or school, they may well benefit from coaching and mentoring:

  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Difficulties making and maintaining friendships
  • Poor self-motivation
  • Disengagement from academic studies and lack of ambition
  • Reluctance to try new things
  • Fear of failureUnable to face challenges and difficult tasksDifficulty managing their emotions and behaviour
  • A general sense of apathy
  • Poor organisation and time management skills

The Themes and Principles that Coaching and Mentoring will Explore

Children and parents often identify a number of the above issues which are having an impact on their child’s performance and success both in and out of school. Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, principle areas of focus would include:

  • Facing new challenges
  • Learning to fail
  • Reflecting, reframing and goal setting
  • Changing Mindsets
  • Understanding how we learn and neuroplasticity
  • The value of hard work and effort
  • Building resilience and grit
  • Effective listening and communication
  • Developing friendship skills
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Stress Management

What Coaching and Mentoring aims to achieve

By exploring the above principles, children will identify their strengths and weakness and develop the skills to goal set for change. As a result, children will:

  • Become a more confident and assertive learner and friend
  • Approach their studies, relationships and pursuits with motivation and ambition
  • Enjoy challenges and relish the opportunity to try new things
  • Develop a greater understanding of their emotions and behaviour so that they are able to manage themselves more effectively

Where and When Coaching and Mentoring Takes Place

Once you have decided that you would like to give your child the opportunity to improve and succeed through Coaching and Mentoring, you will need to complete a registration form. This form will identify your preferred coaching package, how the Coaching and Mentoring will take place either via Face-toFace/FaceTime/Skype/Telephone/Email and your ideal day and time. It will also enable you to highlight any key concerns that would benefit from change.

The first session usually is an opportunity for the child to gain an understanding of the process and consider where they think they need to make a change and goal set for the future. The child should have the opportunity to privacy during the session and be in a place where they feel relaxed and comfortable. The sessions are always positive and nurturing with high expectations and the priority is for children to recognise their strengths before focussing on their weaknesses. A number of methods are used which may include writing/drawing ideas, video input and discussion.

As Coaches and Mentors, we work from our home in Bournemouth. The optimum length of a session is 20 minutes to take account of the child’s developing communication skills.

Coaching and Mentoring Packages

Initial Consultation
A telephone conversation with the parent to discuss why and how Coaching and Mentoring may be of benefit to the child. This gives you the opportunity to see if this approach is for you without any financial investment or commitment. This can also be done via email if preferred.

Stand Alone Session
This is a one-off session suitable for an issue which may require immediate support and guidance. It could also be an opportunity to revisit concepts to maintain change or previously discussed concepts and goals. The Stand Alone Session is also an ideal opportunity to see if Coaching and Mentoring is the way forward for you. This is a 30 minutes session via whichever method of communication is preferred.

Bronze Package
This package is suitable to work on one or two issues such as disinterest in school, friendship difficulties or behavioural concerns. This package includes:
4 x 30 minute sessions spaced over about a month
May combine longer sessions if desired or add packages together
Free email support for the duration of the Coaching and Mentoring sessions

Silver Package
This is the most popular package and is designed to offer the time and opportunity to explore attitudes and thinking at a deeper level. This package includes:
12 x 30 minute sessions spaced over about three months
May combine longer sessions if desired or add packages together
Free email support for the duration of the Coaching and Mentoring sessions

Gold Package
This package builds on achievements to preserve accomplishments and ensure continued performance and success. This package includes:
24 x 30 minute sessions spaced over about six months
May combine longer sessions if desired or add packages together
Free email support for the duration of the Coaching and Mentoring sessions

Bespoke Individual or Family Package
Some individuals require more intensive input at stages of the Coaching and Mentoring journey and thus a package can be designed to meet the specific requirements of the child.

Also, once a child starts to invest in Coaching and Mentoring, a sibling or other family member may also request the opportunity to access support and guidance. If this is the case then a bespoke Family Package may be more suitable.
In our new world of online interacting, Coaching and Mentoring is a game changer for children and young people. It helps them work towards their goals whether this is mastering a new skill, developing their emotional intelligence or boosting their academic performance. Coaching and Mentoring helps children path a way for change, stay on track and focussed all within the safety and privacy of their own home.

Coaching and Mentoring is the next education frontier. Our goal as educators is to help children and young people learn, grow and succeed. Coaching and Mentoring can be the catalyst for this.

Be one step ahead.

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