Mindset Education

Many children find school difficult at some stage in their school career.  They may struggle academically, they may struggle socially.  There is another reason why some children may find school difficult and that is for emotional reasons relating to confidence, perseverance and resilience.

This is more common than many people realise.

There are many support structures that exist for children who need additional academic support.  In recent years, there have been advances in the way social difficulties are identified and supported which has been revolutionary for some children.  However, there are groups of children nationwide who continue to find education and learning difficult and for them, their barrier to learning is their emotional health and well-being.

With NHS services being limited in this area, it can leave parents, families and children floundering with limited help and support.  I have seen this more often in schools, both in the public and private sector, where children and families are unsure of how to get help and support for their children.

My Mindset Workshops are embedded in the work of Dr Carol Dweck and focus on Growth Mindset and the concept that intelligence can be developed.  The workshop will provide your child with confidence and skills to develop a desire to learn and therefore the confidence to:

  • Embrace challenges
  • Persist in the face of setbacks
  • See effort as the path to Mastery
  • Learn from criticism
  • Find lessons and inspiration in the success of others

As a result, your child will reach ever-higher levels of achievement.

Growth Mindset is such an important and powerful concept for children to embrace, I am so pleased to see so many parents are forward thinking enough to be recognising it. I love listening to children in the workshops talk about the importance of strengthening their neurons and learning from their mistakes; they are inspiring!

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