There is only one sure thing that happens when you shout at a child. You scare them. 

I was starkly reminded of this this week. It was Monday morning and, as usual, I gave the kids their 5 minute nudge to get 
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Mindset and Maths – how to help your child

We all want to help our children with their school and homework. Sometimes the things we do and say in response to a ‘tricky’ question 
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How to survive SATs Season – a guide for Parents and Carers

There are families and children up and down the country getting into a real pickle about the up and coming Primary SATs tests.  I am 
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Why it’s so important to talk to your children about the US Election result

So here we are, children all over the country are wandering into school with the knowledge that the USA has a new president. But what 
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