Alternative Provision

Alternative Provision

At Go Fish Education we offer a bespoke and tailored teaching and mentoring service which aims to help students thrive and succeed in a safe and secure learning environment. We are two qualified teachers each with over 20 years of experience. Dylan Brown has expertise in delivering GCSE and A Level through his teaching experience and previous experience as Head of Sixth Form. Kerry Brown is an ex-Head of a Special School, a qualified SENDCo with expertise in delivering high-quality education for students with additional needs.

The pedagogy and interventions that are implemented support the theory of change as it enables students who historically had been unable to access education and thus their progress had been thwarted. With our bespoke and targeted programmes, student experience success, formal accreditation and the accreditation they need for their next steps towards success.

As a family-centric organisation, we work closely with the families and local authorities to ensure that the placement is a success and regularly reviewed to ensure that the provision continues to meet the needs of the student. This constant review and flexibility ensure that students are able to consider their future and work towards their aspirations.

Our teaching and learning model is delivered by either Dylan or Kerry either online, at our setting in Bournemouth or in the child’s home in response to the child’s additional needs.

We have been working with children and families since 2016 providing quality education and mentoring for students with additional needs. We teach a broad and balanced Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and 5 curriculum which is adapted to take account of the child’s needs. We look to find accreditation for all progress and implement flexible and compassionate ways of assessment to ensure that children can access the process with minimal stress.

Through our service, children who had not attended school for a number of years now have good attendance and have been accredited with GCSE and A Level qualifications. We proudly boast excellent attendance and an outstanding pass rate with students obtaining places at University.

Through our experience in the field of SEND, we are able to ascertain and identify when students are not feeling safe or feel anxious and we adapt our provision as appropriate. This could be by taking a break, changing topics or putting in place sensory interventions as recommended by families and professionals. Our knowledge of the student’s needs means that we understand what may heighten their anxiety or emotions and therefore plan and deliver a curriculum which removes any barrier to learning.

We support the proposed changes to SEND and Alternative Provisions to improve the outcome for students as they do with Go Fish Education. Whilst Alternative Provisions being attached to schools and the launch of 60 more Free Schools is essential, there is still a need for students to be able to access small and bespoke services. Many students with a diagnosis of anxiety and PDA find the demands of an institution too great and therefore fail to thrive. We will continue to work with Local Authorities and schools to ensure that the needs of all individual students continue to be met.

We are currently providing Alternative Provision for students in Dorset and Hampshire

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