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About Us

Welcome to Go Fish Education

As both a teacher, professional and parent I have vast experience of education from a variety of perspectives giving me a unique insight into what children, parents and schools need.

I have taught a range of subjects from Key Stage one to ‘A’ Level including Maths, Philosophy and Ethics, English and PSHE  and have a proven track record of outstanding teaching.  During my time in both the public and private sectors, I have acquired extensive leadership and management experience and developed specialisms in Safeguarding and Well-being, Initial Teacher Training, Special Educational Needs and Disability, Accelerated Learning, Pupil Progress and Positive Behaviour Management.

More About Me

“As an experienced SENDCo, Head of House and Headteacher, I have a wealth of knowledge about current educational trends and a unique understanding of how and why some children learn and achieve beyond expectations”


My continued professional development boasts a multitude of accreditation which amplify my credentials. For example, I have been awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Studies, Designated Senior Child Protection Professional status and National Standards of Subject Leaders (NSSL) accreditation. I continue to strive to ensure that, as a professional, I reflect and improve on my own professional practice, development and pedagogy.


As a parent, I understand that the complexities and nuances of our education system can sometimes seem vague and unfathomable. There is a need to know exactly how well our children are doing and how we can help them improve and develop to ensure they are equipped with the academic and emotional resilience needed to be successful in adult life. With a comprehensive selection of assessments, I can identify the level your child is at and advise how to help accelerate progress and achievement.


My experience as a Headteacher has given me invaluable experience in leading and managing, preparing for OFSTED and curriculum design and development. I have extensive experience in the field of Special Educational Needs and Disability and a proven track record of successful mentoring and coaching. This has been consolidated by my own commitment to learning and improvement.
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